Blue Lah

Blue was spectacular! Beautiful and incredibly sexy. We started with a "socially distanced" shoot at the end of the Corona lock-down, which presented it's own difficulties. She will definitely back for lot more.
2022-08-06 - Video:
2022-08-06 - Video: "Blow Job"
Blue is good at blow jobs! This time she ends up with cum all over her tits :) B/G
2022-07-02 - Video:
2022-07-02 - Video: "Has To Use The Big One"
Big toys always look more impressive. Blue used this one for us on her first shoot. On the second shoot she had to use it again :) Explicit
2022-06-11 -
2022-06-11 - "That's A Monster"
When a model brings her own toys, they are often small ones. Not with Blue! She said she has an even bigger one, I will insist she brings it next time :)…
2022-05-28 - Video:
2022-05-28 - Video: "Oil And Cum Mixture"
A kind of massage related movie here, but Blue ends up getting a basin full of cum on her too :) B/G
2022-04-23 -
2022-04-23 - "Big And Close"
Blue uses her huge toy again, and I got the camera very close! Explicit
2022-03-26 -
2022-03-26 - "Fun Massage"
This massage got well out of hand, fun for all involved :) B/G
2022-02-26 -
2022-02-26 - "Silver Bullet"
A very handy little toy here, it certainly works! Explicit
2022-01-01 - Video:
2022-01-01 - Video: "Mouth Full Of Cum"
A very close up blow job here, with a big mouth full of cum at the end :) B/G
2021-12-11 -
2021-12-11 - "First Contact"
Our first shoot was socially distanced due to the coronavirus. This is the first set from our second shoot, and it certainly isn't :) Explicit
2021-11-06 - Video:
2021-11-06 - Video: "Make Your Eyes Water"

This toy made my eyes water it was so big. It didn't seem to have that effect on Blue though :) Explicit
2021-10-16 -
2021-10-16 - "Art Cock Play"
There is a bit of artistry here, maybe more in the photoshopping that the photography. Certainly more than in the average blow job. Your experience may differ!…
2021-09-11 - Video:
2021-09-11 - Video: "My Silly Fantasy"
We only had a few minutes left at the end of the shoot, so I had this idea to get Blue to use two toys together. She didn't seem to mind! Explicit