Casey, aka Elza Alisha, broke some sort of record. She travelled 750km to see me! Just me... I met her in Riga, the agent said that was where she came from. In fact she came from St Petersburg on a bus! Well, we made best use of our time :)
2020-06-13 -
2020-06-13 - "In Bed"
Here's Casey with a glass toy in bed, best place for it :) Explicit
2020-02-29 -
2020-02-29 - "Corner Of The Bedroom"
This was a bit of a strange location, without a lot of space, but I do like to try everywhere :) Explicit
2020-01-11 -
2020-01-11 - "Fade To Grey"
Another faded set :) I don't suppose Casey cared as she was playing with herself. You shouldn't either! Explicit.
2019-12-07 -
2019-12-07 - "Way Pale"
Slightly accidentally, this set came out extremely pale. It was meant to be white, but not this white. No problem though :)
2019-11-23 -
2019-11-23 - "The Box"
I liked this box, but for some reason this is the only time I've ever shot a model on it! Explicit.
2019-10-19 -
2019-10-19 - "Multi Glow"
Without going into unnecessary technical details, there is more than one type of glow effect going on here. So what! Explicit.
2019-09-28 -
2019-09-28 - "Going For Glass"
Casey was a little surprised when she saw the nig glass dildo, but it didn't stop her form using it :) Explicit.
2019-07-20 -
2019-07-20 - "Have A Go With This"
I presented Casey with this half way through the set, she was more than happy to use it! Explicit.
2019-06-15 -
2019-06-15 - "Wand Time"
He we have Casey in bed using the wand... again :) Explicit.
2019-05-18 -
2019-05-18 - "Into The Blue"
Blue clothes and a blue tinted set :) Explicit
2019-04-13 -
2019-04-13 - "Jacket Briefly"
The jacket doesn't last long in this set, but the glass toy does :) Explicit
2019-02-12 -
2019-02-12 - "The Big One"
This was Casey's turn to take on the big toy. I think she won! Explicit.