Celeste (aka Celeste Tereza or Celeste Blue) is a stunning Czech model who I met in Prague. She was one of those girls who seemed so eager to please :) I hope to see her again.
2017-07-29 -
2017-07-29 - "All Naked"
I got Celeste looking very fuzzy in this set, definitely sophisticated :) Open leg.
2017-06-13 -
2017-06-13 - "Naked On The Sofa"
This is a lovely smooth set of Celeste on the sofa in my Prague apartment. We saved time taking her clothes of by having her naked all the time :) Open leg.
2016-12-24 -
2016-12-24 - "Bikini part 2: Blue On"
Part 2 of Celeste's bikini set. She starts off naked and puts on the blue one :) Open leg.
2016-11-01 -
2016-11-01 - "Bikini part 1: Yellow Off"
A nice long set of Celeste, split into two. In part one she takes off a yellow bikini. Open leg.
2016-10-18 -
2016-10-18 - "Do Sit Down"
I'd been working Celeste pretty hard, and she'd been standing up for a long time. Here, I said "Do sit down", and she did! Open leg.