Cindy Dollar

Cindy is an experienced czech pornstar, a friend of Nicole's. Nicole brought Cindy along for a shoot, and we did some solo bits too. The studio was rather difficult, so I had to be more aggressive than usual with the photoshopping, but the results still look fine :)
2022-01-01 -
2022-01-01 - "Black Set"
Nicole & Cindy in matching black lingerie, at least for the start of the set :) Explicit.
2021-07-10 - Video:
2021-07-10 - Video: "Net Dresses"
These net dresses really cant be worn in public, but they are great in films like this! Explicit.
2020-12-19 -
2020-12-19 - "Banging The Glass"
Cindy, on a small chair, masturbating with the glass toy :) Explicit.
2020-06-20 -
2020-06-20 - "Tiny, Tiny Bed"
For some reason Nicole thought that this was a tiny bed... although, to be honest, it was a strange shape and size for a chair, so I don't know what it was!…
2020-01-18 -
2020-01-18 - "Cowgirl"
Quite a cool cowgirl outfit here. Of course, we get rid of it and then Cindy gets naughty! Explicit.
2019-11-23 - Video:
2019-11-23 - Video: "Introduction"
A video introduction to Nicole & Cindy as they strip & spread :) Explicit.
2019-08-03 - Video:
2019-08-03 - Video: "Glass Girl"
This time at least, Cindy gets the chance to play with herself in bed :) Explicit.
2019-04-06 -
2019-04-06 - "Hello Cindy"
An introduction to Cindy Dollar. This is what she does best! Explicit.
2018-12-04 -
2018-12-04 - "Why Take Them Off?"
These two dresses hid so little, there semed little point in taking them off. The girls did anyway! Explicit.
2018-11-27 -
2018-11-27 - "Pile Of Pussy"
Nicole & Cindy ended up looking like a pile of pussy here... and I can't think of a pile of anything better! Explicit.
2018-10-27 -
2018-10-27 - "White Set"
We made this set rather more pale, with their white lingerie. Explicit.
2018-10-13 - Video:
2018-10-13 - Video: "Cum Like A Cowgirl"
Cindy gets to wear her cowgirl outfit at least at the start before we get down to business! Explicit.