Clementine Poulain

Clementine is yet another of my tattooed alternative models from Italy (I have a factory just outside Naples). She's also a performer. I saw her in London recently, and we are meeting up in Turin for a show there soon.
2018-04-14 -
2018-04-14 - "Bright Trousers"
Aren't the trousers cool? I love them, anyway! Explicit.
2017-11-18 -
2017-11-18 - "Summer Crush"
We haven't had a summer, but this set looks like we have :) Explicit.
2017-10-17 -
2017-10-17 - "Cool Olive"
Clem has a very elegant coloured top in this set... then she gets naughty! Explicit.
2017-09-16 -
2017-09-16 - "Hazy In Bed"
A lovely hazy set of Clementine in bed, with some smooth colours. Open leg.
2017-08-15 -
2017-08-15 - "Not Hiding Much"
This body stocking thing really doesn't hide a lot! I guess it can be described as purely decorative. That's why Clem doesn't even take it off :) Explicit.
2017-05-06 -
2017-05-06 - "A Lot Of Straps"
This outfit is magnificently complicated, it took Clem a long time to get into it :) It doesn't hide a lot, so she got to keep most of it on :) Open leg.
2017-04-08 -
2017-04-08 - "Er... Superman"
I thought Clementine's superman pants & socks looked really cute. I hope you do too! Explicit.
2016-12-27 -
2016-12-27 - "Really Close"
Another one of these close up sets with the shallow depth of field, which I love so much. This one is great :) Explicit