Deena D

Deena pretty much defines the word "cosmopolitan". She comes from southern Italy, lives officially in Amsterdam, spends a lot of time in London with her boyfriend, and considers herself homeless as she is always on the road! She is a very smart, sexy and versatile model. Gloriously, she can cum in the most uninhibited and natural manner, over and over!
2019-09-14 -
2019-09-14 - "Rework: Vigorous Use"
This was the first masturbation set I shot with Deena, and you never know how it will go when a girl starts acting naturally rather than posing. Well, she used…
2017-04-29 -
2017-04-29 - "First Time For A Long Time"
After our long pregnancy project for Artcore Cafe, this was the first time I shot Deena masturbating for a long time. Good to get back to it! Explicit.
2016-09-13 -
2016-09-13 - "Tiny Pink One"
This was from our first shoot after her pregnancy ... it is time for Deena to play with herself for us again :) Explicit.
2016-05-28 -
2016-05-28 - "Leather Jacket"
I like leather jackets, I have about 6. I often ask models to bring them, but they very rarely seem to have one. I just knew Deena would have the right style…
2016-03-19 -
2016-03-19 - "Pretty In Pink"
A nice fuzzy set of Deena relaxing after some very seriously orgasmic sets, just showing us the details of her soaking wet and thoroughly satisfied pussy.…
2016-02-23 -
2016-02-23 - "Cum Quickly"
Deena always cums quickly, sometimes so quick that she has to do it twice to make up a photo set:) To be honest, I think she's half way there all the time! It's…
2015-12-05 -
2015-12-05 - "Cum On The Rocker"
Deena D doing what she does so well, bringing herself to orgasm, ths time while rolling about on my white rocker, and thoroughly hammering her purple vibrator.…
2015-11-07 -
2015-11-07 - "Stripey Light"
Sometimes you see something and you just have to give it a go. The sun was blazing through my french windows (unusual when I am shooting - Deena was here early…
2015-10-27 -
2015-10-27 - "Instant Orgasm"
Deena is absolutely amazing. The only difficulty shooting her is that she cums so quickly! I have got used to machine-gunning her in order to get enough shots…
2015-09-08 -
2015-09-08 - "Cum In The Saddle... Twice!"
Some girls find this saddle a little difficult. Deena certainly didn't. She rocked back an forward on it in fine style and came in record time. You can see how…
2015-08-08 -
2015-08-08 - "Freshly Beaten Pussy"
This is one of the quickest sets I've ever shot! Deena had just cum on another set, and we were ahead of schedule as she always cums so quickly, so I said…
2015-07-25 -
2015-07-25 - "I'd Have Thought She'd Have Used It With Him"
Half way through the shoot, Deena pulled this jewelled butt plug out from her case, still sealed in it's packaging. She likes using them, but didn't have any…