Deya Vu

Deya is another multi-coloured multi-tattooed member of Rosa's Suicide Girls crew in Lima. She got lost on the way to my apartment and I literally ended up chasing her down the road - she was easy to spot with that hair!
2022-07-16 -
2022-07-16 - "Edge Of The Pool"
Deya sits by the edge of the pool, on display for us :) Open leg
2022-06-25 -
2022-06-25 - "Look At Pussy"
A nice outdoor location, some odd lingerie, and a pussy to look at! Open leg
2022-05-28 -
2022-05-28 - "Concrete Floor"
Most of the girls wanted to put a towel on the floor as it was rather cold... Deya had no such inhibitions :) Open leg.
2022-04-30 -
2022-04-30 - "Fierce Red"
The red top came out very fierce indeed - it really was like that! Open leg.
2022-03-05 -
2022-03-05 - "Fancy Black Lingerie"
Deya had quite a lot of lingerie, this is the most complicated :) Open leg.
2022-02-19 -
2022-02-19 - "Stocking Tops"
My notes said "stocking tops", I guess because of the close ups :) Open leg.
2022-01-15 -
2022-01-15 - "Slightly Surprised"
I was expecting Deya to pose at art nude level for the Cafe... I was slightly surprised when she did this. I wasn't complaining! Open leg.