Elektra was a strange one! She didn't wear makeup which gave her a right pixie look :) We shot in a nice hotel. I'll try to shoot her again at my place.
2022-02-19 -
2022-02-19 - "My Little Wand"
This time Elektra uses my purple wand, entirely on her own :) Explicit
2021-10-09 - Video:
2021-10-09 - Video: "Clearly Wet Pussy"
Well, if you don't think Elektra was enjoying the shoot, just look at her pussy! Explicit
2021-08-07 -
2021-08-07 - "Ready This Time"
The second time around my stud was rather more ready for the action :) B/G
2021-07-10 - Video:
2021-07-10 - Video: "Gushing Orgasm"
Elektra gushes all over the place as she cums this time :) Explicit
2021-03-27 - Video:
2021-03-27 - Video: "Cum Covered Tits"
I gave Elektra a bit of a massage, and then my partner came on her tits. Seems fine to me! B/G
2021-01-02 -
2021-01-02 - "Toy And Fingers"
A proper toy and fingers set while we had fun with Elektra. Explicit
2020-12-12 -
2020-12-12 - "Unexpected Fuck"
This was booked as "POV soft", which means oral. We were rather surprised when Elektra went all the way right at the start of the shoot! My stud wasn't quite…
2020-11-07 - Video:
2020-11-07 - Video: "Made Her Jump"
I don't think she was expecting that much cum! B/G
2020-10-24 -
2020-10-24 - "Purple Toy"
The toy was Elektra's, the hand was ... er ... mine :) Explicit
2020-09-12 - Video:
2020-09-12 - Video: "Close Up Fuck"
My stud doesn't was his face shown, that's fair enough. I have a feeling he likes my elbow in his face as we do it POV style! B/G
2020-08-29 -
2020-08-29 - "Good Fingering"
Elektra seemed to like this sort of thing. We certainly did! Explicit