Lilyan Red

My shoot with Lilyan was the latest piece of organization ever! She was over with Liz Rainbow, and had a cancellation while Liz Rainbow was shooting with me. She called Liz, and I said "OK, come over!" I'll see her again :)
2021-10-09 -
2021-10-09 - "Video: Plastic Jacket"
Lilyan really liked this plastic jacket, so I let her keep it on through the video - well, it doesn't hide anything! Explicit.
2021-07-31 -
2021-07-31 - "Video: Cum With Mr Purple"
Lilyan cums with the purple vibrator for us :) Explicit.
2021-01-09 - Video:
2021-01-09 - Video: "Used To Sharing"
The glass toy gets to go into both pussies in this film. Makes me quite jealous! Explicit.
2020-05-30 -
2020-05-30 - "Video: Gorgeous Smile"
It says something about a girl's smile when you notice that more than her masturbating with a big glass toy! Explicit.
2020-03-14 -
2020-03-14 - "Purple One"
Here Lilyan gets in going with the noisy purple dildo (the batteries really rattle!) Explicit.
2020-02-01 - Video:
2020-02-01 - Video: "Sharing The Pink One"
Yes, they share the same toy. You know they get on when they do that! Explicit.
2019-07-13 -
2019-07-13 - "Cum At The End"
A chance for Liz & Lilyan to cum with my magic wand... of course they take it! Explicit.
2019-06-29 -
2019-06-29 - "Lilyan In Red"
The title amused me anyway ;) And I got to shoot Lilyan playing with herself :) Explicit.
2019-05-11 - Video:
2019-05-11 - Video: "Finger Fun"
Liz & Lilyan fingering each other, with a bit of pussy munching too! Explicit.
2019-02-16 - Video:
2019-02-16 - Video: "Cunnilingus"
I think Liz Lilyan get on well together, they certainly like each others pussies! Explicit.
2019-01-29 -
2019-01-29 - "Deeply Drilled"
Lilyan drives the big black dildo where it's never been before! Explicit.
2019-01-05 - Video:
2019-01-05 - Video: "Scissors With The Wand"
The girls suggested this. Was I to say no? Explicit.