Nata Ocean

Nata is a quite scarily pretty 19 year old model who I met in Riga. Look at those boobs! I really have to organize another shoot with her.
2021-10-02 - Video:
2021-10-02 - Video: "Bed Time Wanding"
Nata has a good time with my wand at my apartment in Riga :) Explicit
2020-09-26 -
2020-09-26 - "With The Wand"
I had to let Nata have a go with the wand, she looked like she wanted to! Explicit.
2020-03-14 -
2020-03-14 - "Black And Grey"
An extremely chunky pair of shorts here... for a while... then Nata does what she's supposed to do! Explicit.
2020-02-29 - Video:
2020-02-29 - Video: "Just The Dildo"
Nata is a small girl, but she can have fun with a large dildo :) Explicit.
2019-12-21 -
2019-12-21 - "Wand Lovin' Gal"
One of Nata's sessions with the wand. She had several! Explicit.
2019-06-01 -
2019-06-01 - "Lck F Vwls"
Does this say Brooklyn or Something? Oh well, Nata soon does what she's supposed to do with a glass toy :) Explicit.
2019-05-18 - Video:
2019-05-18 - Video: "Cum In The Dungeon"
I think a lot of people get to cum in the dungeon... Nata does! Explicit
2019-04-20 -
2019-04-20 - "Short Shorts"
I do love a pair of short shorts! As always, they have to go before the big toy comes into play :) Explicit.
2019-03-05 -
2019-03-05 - "Girl With A Glass Toy"
A little more elegant here, but still just as naughty :) Explicit
2019-02-19 -
2019-02-19 - "Awesome Closeups"
It isn't that there are a huge number of closeups in this set, but they really jumped out at me when I processed them :) Explicit