Polly was a ridiculously busty young lady, a lot of silicone in those! I can't remember how I met her, we had a brief fun shoot a long time ago with another friend...
2021-05-22 -
2021-05-22 - "Spread On The Sofa"
Now Polly uses a white vibrator on the sofa :) Explicit.
2021-03-20 -
2021-03-20 - "Playing With Polly"
My mate seemed to be having a lot of fun with Polly here, before I spread her pussy lips :) B/G
2020-12-19 -
2020-12-19 - "Purple Support"
One thing I do remember about Polly is that she wanted to keep the bra on, to support her tits. They must have weighed a ton! Open leg