Seed has a strange name and a whole bunch of tattoos :) She lives near near me, and I hope to expand her modelling horizons.

2022-02-26 -
2022-02-26 - "Her Big One"
Seed had one big toy, and I had to get her to use it! Explicit
2022-01-22 -
2022-01-22 - "Large Bit Of Glass"
This was Seed's largest glass toy. She had plenty! Explicit
2021-11-20 -
2021-11-20 - "Pussy Lips"
Seed has great pussy lips. This time I concentrated on them rather more. Explicit
2021-10-30 -
2021-10-30 - "5 O'clock Shadow"
Seed thought she needed a bit of a shave after shooting the first set. I said sure, as long as I could take pictures :) Explicit
2021-09-25 -
2021-09-25 - "Quick Wanding"
We just had time before the end of the shoot for Seed to have a quick wanding. She hasn't done movies before... I plan on going back and filming her! Explicit
2021-08-28 -
2021-08-28 - "Finger Herself"
I have Seed a rest from the toys here, using her fingers. Explicit
2021-07-31 -
2021-07-31 - "Another Glass"
Seed had plenty of glass dildos. Here's another one :) Explicit
2021-06-12 -
2021-06-12 - "Naught But An Skellington"
This was our first set, with a strange top. The title comes from the worst song on one of the best albums of the 60s :) Open leg.