Sweet Nadja

Nadja is a rather famous exotic dancer & stripper from Serbia. She performs all over eastern europe (part time these days), and has fans everywhere! I've known her for years as a friend, as we've found time for the occasional shoot.
2021-07-31 -
2021-07-31 - "Video: Whip Dildo"
I'm not sure if this is a whip or a dildo, so I called it Whip Dildo :) A live performance from Nadja. Explicit.
2020-10-03 -
2020-10-03 - "Video: Bathtime"
Nadja in the bath in Paris :) While lots of fans were messaging her! Explicit.
2020-07-11 -
2020-07-11 - "In The Bath"
We've seen Nadja in the shower a long time ago, now it's time to see her in the bath :) Explicit
2020-04-25 -
2020-04-25 - "Video: Wax Games"
Nadja ends up thoroughly covered in wax here, and puts come candles in unusual places :) Explicit.
2020-02-22 -
2020-02-22 - "Video: Clit Close Up"
One of Nadja's surprising live performances, where she gets very close to members of the audience (and me!) indeed. Explicit.
2019-12-21 -
2019-12-21 - "Video: Hotel Special"
We shot this in a hotel somewhere - I can't remember where! I have added a music track as we had the radio on which would have caused copyright issues! Anyway,…
2019-10-26 -
2019-10-26 - "When I Met Her"
A selection of photos from the SlovErotica festival in 2013, the first time I met Nadja. Explicit.
2019-09-28 -
2019-09-28 - "The Only Pictures"
I went to SlovErotica in 2014 to meet Nadja again. I shot a few fun videos of the weekend, but these are the only pictures. Explicit
2019-08-03 -
2019-08-03 - "Co-Starring A Cucumber"
One of Nadja's rather specialised performances, this time co-starring a cucumber :) Explicit
2019-06-08 -
2019-06-08 - "Video: Pole Dance"
A very naughty pole dance performance by Nadja. Explicit.
2019-03-23 -
2019-03-23 - "Video: Cucumber Sex"
A live performance of Nadja doing what only she can do with a cucumber :) Explicit.
2018-12-01 -
2018-12-01 - "Video: Big Show"
This is rather old - from when I original met Nadja. A performance on the main stage. The filming is a bit flakey at the end as I was on the receiving end of a…