Tanya Virago

Tanya is an absolutely astonishing model. The markets herself as a MILF, but she's only just that :) Her legs go on forever, she looks amazing, and is unbelievably sexy - as you will see when she makes herself (and others) cum for us!
2022-11-19 - Video:
2022-11-19 - Video: "Farewell Wand"
We finally broke out the toy for the last film of the shoot. Tanya cums yet again! Explicit.
2021-08-21 -
2021-08-21 - "The Wand's Turn"
We have to use the wand :) Tanya loves it! Explicit
2021-07-24 - Video:
2021-07-24 - Video: "Bendy Glass"
This time Tanya makes herself cum with a bendy gass toy - we had plenty to choose from! Explicit
2021-01-23 - Video:
2021-01-23 - Video: "Cum Covered Tits"
A short video showing how my mate just can't resist Tanya for long! B/G
2020-09-19 -
2020-09-19 - "Condom Bonus"
For contractual reasons we had to use a condom for this, which we don't normally do. Tanya is worth it! It ended up a bit short though, so it's a bonus set. B/G
2020-08-15 - Video:
2020-08-15 - Video: "Big And Lumpy"
Tanya takes on my biggest glass toy, and wins :) Explicit
2020-07-18 -
2020-07-18 - "Cum Number One"
Tanya cums for the first time in this set, using a big knobbly glass toy Perfect! Explicit
2020-06-20 - Video:
2020-06-20 - Video: "Buzz Against The Piercings"
I loved the sound of the vibrator against Tanya's clit piercings :) Explicit
2020-05-30 - Video:
2020-05-30 - Video: "Cum Louder"
Tanya cums loudly with the wand :) Explicit
2020-03-21 -
2020-03-21 - "Some Actual Clothes"
Tanya had been entirely dressed in lingerie for the whole shoot, so nearing the end, I let her put on some actual clothes. Of course, no pants... Explicit.
2020-01-04 -
2020-01-04 - "Dodge The Reflections"
The problem with shooting with a shiny metal toy is avoiding starring in the set due to reflections (I remember a famous occasion on a major site where…
2019-11-30 -
2019-11-30 - "Well He Was In A Hurry"
Yes, my friendly neighbourhood stunt cock was available... we had to shoot this first as he was in a hurry... B/G