Shooting Schedule

Sometimes I arrange shoots well in advance, sometimes they are last minute. If you have any requests for anything in particular with the upcoming models, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at), and I'll see what I can do! Bear in mind that any suggestions have to be (1) legal, (2) physically possible, and (3) within the model's limits and something she enjoys :)

25th September: Red Snow & Blooma Blossom

Red Snow is bringing another friend along, this one looks awesome!

26th September - 1st October: Ellie Roe

Ellie's winter visit.

30th September: Roze

Roze is back in London, and I can never resist Roze!

4th October: Sharin Manni

Another of my Italian alternative models! (Artcore-Cafe only)

6th - 8th October: Barcelona

Barcelona again :) This time there might be a really big surprise :)

18th - 21st October: Scarlet Louise

Scarlet had to cancel her last visit, but she's coming again :)

22nd - 25th October: Kayla Louise

Kayla comes again

29th October: Tomoko

It's been way too long...

4th December: Liz Rainbow

An astonishing spanish pornstar is coming our way!

8th - 10th December: Celje

And of course I'm going back to sLoveErotica :)

Publication Schedule for September

Updates on Saturdays (3 new sets) and Tuesdays (1 or 2 new sets plus 2 bonus sets)

2nd : Aika May / Lena Love / Lucie B

5th : Kayla Louise / Roze & Roo Morgue

9th : Elen Moore / Sam Lee

12th: Lottii Rose / Nicole Vice

16th: Clementine Poulain / Roze / Yuki

19th: Mia Sollis

23rd: Libka / Rana & Erika Antares / Sissi

26th: Freya / Scarlet Louise

30th: Laura Noir / Roze / Tina Kay

Publication Schedule for October

Updates on Saturdays (3 new sets) and Tuesdays (1 or 2 new sets plus 2 bonus sets)

3rd: Mystique & Roze / Tomoko

7th: Lena Love / Nicole Vice / Sissi

10th: Aika May / Luna

14th: Izzy Delphine & Sam Lee / Red Snow / Roze

17th: Clementine Poulain

21st: Bella Valentine / Freya / Lucie B

24th: Montse Swinger / Satin Bloom

28th: Amyka Lee / Libka / Roze & Roo Morgue

31st: Kayla Louise