French Chloe

Chloe is a very classy french model who has been in London for a while. In fact, I booked her 8 years ago but we had to cancel on the day as the underground was shut for engineering work! In those days I wasn't able to shoot often, and we never managed to fix a date. Well, finally we did, and we will again!
2018-12-22 -
2018-12-22 - "Bunny Ears"
I loved the bunny ears! We had to work out what to go with them, and ended up with this outfit and the wand :) Explicit.
2018-07-10 -
2018-07-10 - "Street Wear"
This was what Chloe was wearing when she came - it was a cold day! So, right at the end of the shoot, I ut her back into it. Explicit.
2018-06-02 -
2018-06-02 - "Striped Jumper"
This was a cool outfit! The trousers were awesome, and I loved the jumper :) Explicit.
2018-05-15 -
2018-05-15 - "Spread On The Bed"
Lets see all Chloe's good bits on the bed! Explicit.
2018-04-21 -
2018-04-21 - "Tutu And Corset"
Is it a french maid's outfit for a french model? At very least, a tutu and corset! Explicit.