Freya is an incredibly active model with a wild variety of poses, it's hard to keep up with her! We've had two shoots so far, I hope there will be more.
2018-01-09 -
2018-01-09 - "Toy On The Sofa"
Freya had quite a collection of these glass toys, I think we used most of them :) Explicit.
2017-10-21 -
2017-10-21 - "Harsh And Highly Mobile"
It was pretty dark by now, so we dialled up the harshness for the last set! Explicit.
2017-09-26 -
2017-09-26 - "Dangerous Dress"
Yes, this dress was dangerous. It left marks on her that were still there when I shot her the next morning :) It didn't stop her getting on with the glass toy…
2017-08-29 -
2017-08-29 - "Sense Of Power"
The combination of leotard and leggings makes Freya look very powerful & strong. She is also incredibly mobile when she works! Open leg.
2017-08-06 -
2017-08-06 - "Erotic Shower"
Freya has some fun in the shower :) Open leg.
2017-07-29 -
2017-07-29 - "On The Floor"
Freya is a remarkably lively model, and it shows here on the floor with her glass toy :) Explicit.