Galina M

I absolutely adored Galina, aka Galina Fedorova, Sandy or Leila Mazz. I shot her in Riga, and when my stay was extended a little I brought her back a few days later for another shoot. We kept in touch and tried to arrange more shoots, but we weren't able to due to the coronavirus. Tragically she died a few months later in a swimming accident. A beautiful, spiritual person, I will really miss her.
2021-12-25 - Video:
2021-12-25 - Video: "This Was A Surprise"
This is really special. Galina was supposed to be posing, but it was quite obvious she was really turned on towards the end of the shoot. I suggested turning…
2021-11-27 -
2021-11-27 - "That Wide"
By this time, all thoughts of "open leg" had gone out of the window. Galina really did open her pussy that wide! Explicit
2021-09-18 -
2021-09-18 - "Close Up"
Woah! Here we get some serious close ups of Galina's pussy! Explicit
2021-02-13 -
2021-02-13 - "Pussy And Boots"
A lot of pussy, and some seriously big boots :) Explicit
2021-01-23 - Video:
2021-01-23 - Video: "Extreme Detail"
I got the camera as close as possible. Given that ita a 28mm lens, that is very close indeed! Explicit
2020-12-26 -
2020-12-26 - "Lean Back Legs Wide"
A pretty fair description of Galina in this set :) Very simple. Open leg
2020-11-28 - Video:
2020-11-28 - Video: "Galina In Boots"
Or Puss in Boots. Plenty of Pussy, plenty of Galina :) Explicit
2020-10-03 -
2020-10-03 - "Met Art Style"
I'd done a shoot with Galina a few days before "Art nude style". Here she is "Met Art style" :) Open leg.