Luna, aka Magena Yama, is a well known italian model who has done some amazing erotic work. She was visiting London for the first time, and I jumped at the chance to shoot her. We got on like a house on fire, and we're definitely shooting again!
2018-02-24 -
2018-02-24 - "Cum On The Floor"
All the girls love my sheepskin rug! Luna shows it by making herself cum spectacularly for us :) Explicit.
2017-10-10 -
2017-10-10 - "Slouching Home"
Luna looks a bit fed up when she gets in, but she certainly feels a lot happier when she makes herself cum on the stairs! Very animated! Explicit.
2017-04-15 -
2017-04-15 - "Oil And Water"
Luna is well covered in both oil and water in this set, and looks gorgeous in it :) Open leg.
2017-01-31 -
2017-01-31 - "It's Cheesy, But..."
I know, I can't help it. Every so often I just have to put a girl on this chair backwards :) Luna is particularly good on it! Open leg.
2016-12-24 -
2016-12-24 - "Playing On The Chair"
He's Luna, spreading herself nicely wide on our favourite chair :) I have to see her again soon! Open leg.
2016-11-26 -
2016-11-26 - "Naked On The Stool"
Isn't she lovely? It doesn't get simpler than this. Luna, naked on the stool. Open leg.
2016-09-20 -
2016-09-20 - "Going For Gold"
Here's Luna going for it with the big gold vibrator. She cums several times (that's why the set is so long!), and I love the facial expressions at the end.…
2016-08-13 -
2016-08-13 - "Luna In Oils"
I gave Luna the chance to cover herself liberally in oil in this set. She loved it! Explicit.
2016-07-16 -
2016-07-16 - "See How Wet She Gets"
You should know by know that there is no acting with Luna, and no lube either! This is really how wet she gets when she plays for me :) And I love it! Explicit.
2016-06-11 -
2016-06-11 - "Hairy Pussy Challenge"
Luna has a contract with a "hairy" site, and is getting paid quite a bit to grow her pubes for a few months. I'm ambivalent about pubic hair, but when you see…
2016-05-21 -
2016-05-21 - "Fingering Herself"
Here's Luna naked on my small sofa, fingering herself :) Explicit.
2016-04-19 -
2016-04-19 - "Another Dose Of Ecstasy"
Once we got to the naughty part of the shoot, there was no stopping Luna! Here she has another dose of ecstasy for us. Beautiful! Explicit.