Hot MILF time again! Lynzi has done an awful lot in this business, here we get her doing some of it for us :)
2022-01-29 -
2022-01-29 - "Purple Friend"
Yes, our little purple friend again. He always works! Explicit
2021-09-04 - Video:
2021-09-04 - Video: "Afterglow"
Lynzi had just cum for the last time, way more times that she had ever cum on a shoot before, but she didn't want to stop just yet. Let's call it afterglow!…
2021-04-17 - Video:
2021-04-17 - Video: "Record Setting"
Lynzi's record setting orgasm, as we finish she shoot in the best way possible! Explicit
2021-01-02 -
2021-01-02 - "Use The Jacket"
I asked Lynzi to bring a leather jacket, but we had forgotten to use it. So here, near the end, we did :) Explicit
2020-12-05 - Video:
2020-12-05 - Video: "Must Have Been Horny"
Glass toys look good, but model's don't normally cum with them. Lynzi did! She must have been horny! Explicit
2020-09-05 - Video:
2020-09-05 - Video: "And Mr Purple"
A proper buzzing orgasm for Lynzi with Mr Purple here! Explicit
2020-08-01 - Video:
2020-08-01 - Video: "Finger Session"
Let's give the toys a rest. Lynzi can cum with her fingers! Explicit
2020-05-09 - Video:
2020-05-09 - Video: "Glass Dildo"
Lynzi's second session with the glass dildo :) Explicit
2020-03-28 -
2020-03-28 - "Oil And Wand"
After giving herself a good coating of oil, pretty much everywhere, Lynzi cums with the wand, again! Explicit.
2020-02-08 -
2020-02-08 - "Super Tight"
This is one hell of a tight top, that's why Lynzi doesn't take it off! Explicit.
2020-01-11 -
2020-01-11 - "Rather Active"
I didn't know whether Lynzi would pose with toys while doing the photos, or use them properly. I always give models the choice. Well, she really used them!…