Mia Sollis

Mia Sollis is a top international model, from the Czech republic. She is living in London for a while to improve her english, and I had to take advantage. She is as smart and funny as she looks, and a tremendous talent.
2019-10-19 -
2019-10-19 - "Rework: In Bed"
Mia runs through a selection of poses on my bed, all messed up with some pretty extreme lighting. Open Leg.
2018-11-20 -
2018-11-20 - "Prints"
The dress has a very nice print pattern. At least, I think that's why my notes say "prints"! Open leg.
2018-10-16 -
2018-10-16 - "Rework: Rolling Around"
I use this chair a lot, in fact Mia has sat on it before. It brings out my slightly malicious side as sometimes it just rolls out of control all over the place.…
2018-08-18 -
2018-08-18 - "Rework: Little Ceremonies"
There are two of what I call "Little Ceremonies" on each shoot. The one it the end is the signing ceremony when I take all the photo ids & model releases. The…
2018-06-12 -
2018-06-12 - "Shades Of Blue"
It's not just the outfit, we also got a blue shade to the light in this set :) Open leg.
2018-05-12 -
2018-05-12 - "Work Out"
Mia starts off in some very athletic looking gym gear for us in this set :) Open leg.
2018-04-14 -
2018-04-14 - "Rework: Naked Together"
How simple does it get? Two beautiful girls, naked together on a white bed on a white background. My weekend shooting Mia & Elen was amazing, but this was one…
2018-01-20 -
2018-01-20 - "White And Lacey"
A very nice set of Mia, in a very nice dress :) Open leg.
2017-12-23 -
2017-12-23 - "Lots Of Spots"
I'm not sure whether this is bikini or underwear .... or somewhere in between .... but I do like the look of it :) Open leg.
2017-09-19 -
2017-09-19 - "The Shoes Make It"
Mia wasn't sure about the shoes in this set. Normally, I go along with the model in this situation, but in this case I insisted... After, when she looked at the…
2017-06-27 -
2017-06-27 - "The Other End"
That's the other end of my living room, not Mia! It looks different though :) Open leg.
2017-05-23 -
2017-05-23 - "Dark Dark Blue"
My notes on this set say "Dark Dark Blue". Not sure why. "Dark Blue" I get, but it doesn't seem that dark! Oh well. Doesn't Mia look great anyway? Open leg.