Miela is a Serbian dancer who came around to my hotel for a shoot when I was passing through Belgrade. She had some slightly strange makeup :) But what a figure!
2016-07-16 -
2016-07-16 - "Face"
I had to put Miela in this weird looking shirt, but I still let her play with herself :) Explicit.
2016-04-09 -
2016-04-09 - "Maybe A Little Too Far"
If you've been around I while you'll know I occasionally like to push the boundaries of light & focus a little. This set may have gone a little too far, but it…
2015-11-21 -
2015-11-21 - "In The Corner"
Miela may be wedged into the corner of the room, but she still has enough space to spread her legs wide :) Explicit
2015-10-24 -
2015-10-24 - "Orange Bottle Special"
I guess you need to know a little about good ole' country music to catch the allusion in the title... anyway, here is a rough and ready set of Miela playing…
2015-08-22 -
2015-08-22 - "I Don't Drink Wine"
When I offered Miela this bottle of wine from the minibar, she said "I don't drink wine". Well, I didn't plan on her drinking it anyway! She quickly got the…
2015-05-25 -
2015-05-25 - "Present"
My girlfriend sent Miela over to my hotel room when a family emergency meant that she could come to see me straight away when I arrived in Belgrade. What a cool…
2015-05-25 -
2015-05-25 - "Open Wide"
Well Miela, I don't think it's possible to open a pussy much wider with your fingers! What do you think? Explicit