Red Snow

Red Snow is another alternative model from Italy. She came over with Rana. I don't know if she will visit again, I really hope so. She has one of the most classically beautiful faces I've ever seen :)
2019-07-13 -
2019-07-13 - "Leather Jacket"
This is the leather jacket Red Snow came in. Well, she doesn't need much else, does she! Open leg.
2019-06-01 -
2019-06-01 - "Finale"
The finale of our shoot. We shot it quickly as I was extremely tired, but it works! Open leg.
2019-04-13 -
2019-04-13 - "Stripper Style"
I had to explain to Red Snow about putting lingerie on "stripper style" - with the pants over the suspenders so you can take them off easily. Now you know! Open…
2019-03-02 -
2019-03-02 - "White Tops"
Just a brief visit to the bedroom this time, for the one set. Open leg.
2019-01-12 -
2019-01-12 - "Up The Stairs"
Not a common place for a set, but here are Red Snow & Blooma on the stairs :) Open leg.
2018-12-29 -
2018-12-29 - "I Need More Space"
The girls sat on the floor, but I had to ask them to get back on the sofa as I couldn't get far enough away - until I removed the sofa for a later set :) Open…
2018-11-03 -
2018-11-03 - "Last Of The Clothes"
This set was the last of the clothes the girls had with them, supplemented by one of my T-shirts. This is what happens on a long shoot :) Open leg.
2018-07-28 -
2018-07-28 - "Time For Bed"
Having shot in the studio, and downstairs, now it's time for Red Snow & Blooma to go to bed :) Open leg.
2018-05-29 -
2018-05-29 - "Two Blue Girls"
Here's my introduction to the two blue haired girls... well, a reintroduction to the lovely Red Snow :) Open leg.
2018-04-24 -
2018-04-24 - "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
Seriously, Red Snow has an unbelievably pretty face, even with blue hair :) Open leg.
2018-03-03 -
2018-03-03 - "Red And Blue"
Rather than matching outfits, for this set we got a bit of contrast going, just for a change. Open leg.
2018-02-24 -
2018-02-24 - "Stocking Set"
We ran through a lot of different costumes on this day, here we concentrate on some traditional stockings :) Open leg.