Rogue is a busty model who I shot at a surprisingly good studio on a very cold day on my way somewhere else! It all got very confusing, but I hope we get to do it again.
2024-06-01 -
2024-06-01 - "White Wall"
This was the plainest part of the studio. I tried them all! Open leg
2024-04-20 -
2024-04-20 - "Spread In The Bed"
The light was weird, but here is Rogue on the bed :) Open leg
2023-10-28 -
2023-10-28 - "Legs Over The Arms"
A big chair, but she managed to get her legs over the arms :) Open leg
2023-09-30 -
2023-09-30 - "Hippy Corner"
Lost of blankets and hippy stuff here! Open leg
2023-08-19 -
2023-08-19 - "There's A Bed Too"
They had a lot of different sets in the studio, even a bed. It was getting dark by now so the light is very variable! Open leg
2023-07-08 -
2023-07-08 - "Red Leather Chair"
A very swanky chair, in a corner with Christmas decorations which I mostly removed :) Open leg
2023-06-17 -
2023-06-17 - "Show Pussy"
Let's see Rogue's pussy! Open leg