Roo Morgue

Roo is another alternative model, and a really sexy one! She is a great friend of Roze, and they had a lot of fun together. They're coming back!
2019-11-30 -
2019-11-30 - "Using Toys"
Roze & Roo use some metal toys in each other, for their & our pleasure! Explicit.
2019-08-03 -
2019-08-03 - "Role Reversal"
We had done several sets with Roo dominating Roze, which seems natural to be honest, but for our final set Roze got to be top. She really made Roo's tongue work…
2019-06-29 -
2019-06-29 - "A Wand Between Them"
Roze & Roo squeeze the wand between their pussies for the main part of this set, and both get to cum! Explicit.
2019-05-18 -
2019-05-18 - "Hottest Shower Ever part 2"
The hottest shower I've ever seen! In two parts - here Roo uses a pink rubber toy on Roze. Explicit.
2018-10-20 -
2018-10-20 - "Hottest Shower Ever part 1"
The hottest shower I've ever seen! In two parts - here Roo is on the receiving end of a glass toy. Explicit.
2018-09-29 -
2018-09-29 - "Sex Marathon 12: Roze's Second Wanding"
The girls come staggering down the Mall and across the finish line at the end of the marathon with Roze coming several more times on the end of the wand :)…
2018-08-21 -
2018-08-21 - "Sex Marathon 11: Roo's Second Wanding"
The sex marathon continues with Roo taking the wand from behind until she cums yet again. Explicit.
2018-07-14 -
2018-07-14 - "Sex Marathon 10: Knobbly Glass"
Part 10 of the Sex Marathon (There's 2 more - they were going at it non stop for over an hour!), and Roo is on the receiving end of a knobbly glass toy :)…
2018-06-23 -
2018-06-23 - "Hot To Trot"
This was the first set I shot wth Roze & Roo. It was supposed to be a gentle introduction, but it didn't end up that way... they were both, as they say, "hot to…
2018-05-26 -
2018-05-26 - "Sex Marathon 9: Glass From In Front"
Now Roze is flat on her back receiving the glass toy from Roo... Explicit.
2018-04-17 -
2018-04-17 - "Sex Marathon 8: Glass From Behind"
Now Roo gives Roze a going over from behind with a glass toy :) Part 8! How many more??? Explicit.
2018-03-17 -
2018-03-17 - "Sex Marathon 7: Roze Gets Wanded"
Roze's turn for the wand in this episode of the Sex Marathon... as you will have guessed, she is all for it! Explicit.